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Passerina in pre-fioritura

During the winemaking process, we aim to produce wine which expresses the identity of the grape varieties and of our territory in its peculiarities.

For this reason, we have opted for a winemaking technique suitable for the achievement of this goal, avoiding the use of inertizers such as nitrogen (reduction technique), and preferring the presence of air and the oxidation during the earliest stages of must processing. Thanks to oxidation, we are also able to reduce the use of sulphurous dioxide.

We believe that our wine should not be shaped by wine equipment or by the hand of the oenologist, as these aspects can be reproduced everywhere in the world. What cannot be reproduced is the terroir, that is the union of microclimate and terrain of a certain area.

This is our recipe to pour in your glasses everything that our land has to offer.

Filare di Passerina
Diradamento dei Grappoli
Vite di Pecorino
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